88 db sensitivity/6 ohm load..tube power question

I recently made a long overdue upgrade to the new Quad 12L monitors...and all things considered...happy with my investment...however...they are a tad analytical in nature...im hoping tube power might add some "glow" and warmth...the downside:their low-level detail and soundstaging is not great...they do require some juice to come alive...my question:will something like the 8w WAVE monoblocks be enough power...common sense says no way...but if I had any real sense I wouldnt be in this hobby!...also...by the time you factor in the monoblocks plus the pre...the price is around $450...should I be looking at a used Jolida instead? I would hate to monkey with this to be find that I am underpowered...I have heard some reliability issues concerning Jolida...but this is all my budget will allow...
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In my opinion, the Wave 8 monoblocks will not be enough power for the normal audiophile tastes, with those speakers.
I would suggest a minimum of 30 watts for those speakers to hit the volume levels that most people would accept.