86 db speakers. What tube amp

I have a pair of Revel Salons that have a sensitivity rating at 86 db. They are 6 ohms nominal and 3 ohms minimum. What tube monoblock amps would be a great match for these speakers? I listen to all types of Jazz and my room is 13x26 w/ 8ft ceilings.
CAT JL1's, VTL 450(or bigger), or better yet wait another few months and get the new Tenor Hybrid(the 150s should be adequate for those speakers). I am sure there are others out there but those would be my choices- happy hunting.

I haven't tried them with Revels personally, but the Wolcott amps are quite good at driving difficult loads (such as the full-range electrostats I also peddle). Their adjustable output impedance gives 'em a bit more flexibility in optimizing the amplifier-loudspeaker interface, and I personally like the lovely midrange you get with the EL34 output tube.

That being said, the CAT amps mentioned by Tireguy are also a very good choice. I'm not sure the VTL's are real comfortable with a load that dips to 3 ohms.

Best of luck to you!