85 solution for Monitor speakers

I am trying to sort out all my choices for a reasonable sized speaker with reasonably good accoustics for a reasonable price as I go through my periodic upgrade of equipment. My other relavant equipment is a Myryad T4 integrated amp, and a yamaha CDC765 cd player (to be upgraded to the CAL CL-10 shortly). My current speakers are older - Mirage 490's - and I was considering the Linn Tukans, the Spendors, Silverlines, etc. I am looking for accuracy but not analytical; balanced, not boomy. My listening is varied - jazz (Dee Dee Bridgewater, Vanessa Rubin, JJ Johnson, Taylor, Sinatra, Hawkins, Ellington, etc), classical (mostly romantic era stuff - Vivaldi, Chopin, etc, plus operas - Mozart, Burhana, Vivaldi etc), modern/pop (anita baker, james taylor, greenday, OMD, Steely Dan, Rush, Floyd - to give you an idea of range).

Price wise, I am a believer in diminishing return - I would rather pay $600 for a 85% of perfection than $3000 for 95% of perfection.

So, if you have advice for me as to which speakers fit this profile, I would love to hear from you.
I would highly recommend ACI Sapphire. Audio Concept is factory direct US company that makes high quality monitors. Their reference model is Sapphire III ($1200)that is compared with 2K+ speakers. Particulary B&W 805's. I used to own Tukan's, with all Linn gear, and there was no competition, against Sapphires II, wich is the older model.
I wrote review on the Audiogon and Audioreview. So check it out!

I am already on record as a fan of the Silverlines (specifically the SR-17s), so I didn't want to just re-hash it, but your description "accuracy but not analytical; balanced, not boomy." absolutely describes my experience with them. And I listen to pretty much all the same stuff you list, as well - Mozart predominates, but last night was Chopin's Nocturnes. If you like greenday, you should check out Guster - lotsa fun, if a tad moody at times. But to the point, I find the Silverlines do it all gracefully. I didn't like the Spendors at all: it could just have been poor setup or dysfunctional equipment, but the demo was just so bad I didn't even want to try them at home. I haven't heard the Tukans (no local dealer) but then I haven't felt the need to, either. I demo' Sonus Faber

Good Luck:

what about the tannoy or totems .... they also seem to get alot of praise thought I have not had the chance to listen to them - oh and thanks for the input thus far. Keep the dialogue going!