845 Tube vs KT90

Thinking about auditioning/purchasing a 845 mono block, may cost me big money, so i'd like a few ideas on what to expect from the 845 tube image.
I have a Jadis OR with KT90 and really offers me pretty much what i love in my classical music, each orch section is heard distinctly from the others, IOW the sound stage has presence. However I've heard such wonderful comments about the "king of all tubes" the 845.
I'm wondering though, will the single 845 tube deliver the same separation of fq's as well as the dynamics of the mids are separate from the highs and lows. I do not like at all the image presented by the KT88 tube, nor the 300B tube for classical. Both from my experience have presented classical/orch as a flat one dimensional sound. A total flop.
For light rock , jazz, blues these tubes seem to be best.
So what should I expect from the 845 on classical, though I realize not every 845 amp will present the same image, inner components quality also play a big role. Just looking for general characteristcs as concerns the separtion of the 3 main fq's/lows/mids/highs.
>>unless the tone controls are biased up almost all the way.<<

That's hilarious.

How do you expect to evaluate any amplifier, speaker, and/or tube combination with tone controls maxed out?

Lastly, it is disingenuous to judge the qualities of any output tube heard only in Cayin equipment. That is anlagous to judging all gasoline powered automobiles after test driving a Yugo.
i guess I want a tube amp to deliver the lows and highs with minimium roll off. And no muddy/murky/smokey mid section.
Based upon your comments here, and in previous threads, I would suggest listening to some push/pull designs.

>>unless the tone controls are biased up almost all the way.<<

That's hilarious.
Audiofeil, please tell us you have something better to do than follow Bartokfan around these threads. Almost daily, we read about the demise of this hobby, due primarily to the abrasive attitudes of dealers like yourself. What is the purpose of berating people here? Your closet is not free of skeletons, and yet no one is constantly targeting you, as you are others. Your previous behavior in these threads was totally unethical, and yet you returned to the discussions without humility. You have 40+ years experience in this hobby. Why use it as a weapon, when you could just as easily encourage more people to participate in high end audio by educating them with a sliver of empathy for what they don't know. Please consider it.
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