845 Tube integrated amps

Favorite 845 tube integrated amps under$10,000 and why they are your favorite.
Mastersound Compact based on the Due Venti i have owned, would be my first choice.
Triode Corp. of Japan 845SE. Huge transformers and gorgeous. Pre-in so can be used as a power amp. Very ballsy, sounds like 200 watts, not 20wpc. Can be used with real world speakers of 87db and above.
I used a Viva Solista for years and was happy with it. I think new, it is now over $10000. I actually prefer the similar power output Ayon Spark I use now. Different tubes and half the price, but I prefer it's sound.
The Melody AN845 should probably be on your list. I haven't heard it personally, but do own the AN211 which is their 211 SET integrated.

LM Audio is supposed to make really nice stuff and has two 845 integrates which also may be worthy of an audition.