845 Tube for Cary 805AE

Any recommendation for 845 tube on Cary 805AE? I've been using Shunguang 845B and I want to try something better.

I asked Cary about the Psvane WE845 and they don't recommend to use this tube due to the Pa is only 75W. They say the output stage of 845 is auto bias and it ends up around 110mA with B+ around 900 so the dissipation will be closed to 100W.

I've searched around for any 845 with 100W but I cant' find it, except for the KR and it costs over 1K.

Next to impossible to beat the Shuaguang 845B, for the money. The more expensive options can be unreliable. They have been for me.
Agree with Early - the Shuguang 845B is really hard to beat for the money.
Shuguang C is slightly better than b in my system. Not sure about dissipation ratings though.
Try Psvane Treasure 845-T .It has a higher voltage rating than the Psvane WE845.I use them on my Cary 211 and they are fantastic.Just set the bias in yours 805 to 55ma and you are fine.
You mean 845T II? I only see T II on this website

845tII. Is a newer version . So the voltage rating should be the same.