845 integrateds

I only know of a few. ASL, Unison, viva. Any others that I should consider?
Bel Canto made an outstanding 845 integrated.
Art Audio Carissa with passive volume pot, See link.


Also the deHavilland Ios.

Joe Fratus and Art Audio are outstanding. Amazing customer support and service. The build quality of thier components is first rate and the sonics of the Carissa is wonderful.

I have the deHavilland UltraVerve. Kara Chaffee of deHavilland is also great to work with.

If you are looking at 845 amps I would strongly recommend that you check these companies out. Strong customer support and service will help you enjoy what you purchase even more. Good luck.

New Audio Frontiers is hands down the best. expensive (14K) but worth every penny.
I second the Bel Canto 845 integrated. And I think any SET from Art Audio would be awesome.
I would also recommend the Carissa from Art Audio. Great amp, great company.
I also am a very happy Art Audio Carissa owner. It is not an integrated amp though. It is an amp with a passive volume control that will only play one source. I have mine hooked up to a Marantz SA 11 si sacd/cd player. You can see the system on Audiogon's Virtual Systems(ever evolving-and now for something......).
A vote for the Viva, they make the Solista SET integrated at 17 Watts and the Aurora Monoblocks, I think at about 24. I use the Solista and it is wonderful, if a little bulky, but so are all SET's. It runs really hot, but sounds remarkable, no warm and woolly tube sound. It's detailed, dynamic, quiet and with that fatigue free sound, SS never seems to quite get(My Pass Labs Aleph 3, excepted). I have heard the Art audio, which was great too, but not at the same time, so I can't really compare. I suspect you won't go far wrong with most of the designs mentioned above.
The other plus, is there are few ruinously NOS tubes to worry about. THe newer 845B and M tubes out of China, seem an improvement, but won't break the bank. I have just recieved a set of 845B's, but have'nt had the chance to use
Dared makes one, very nice looking. Anyone heard it?
Any one know anything about the Cary 845 integrateds? I know they have been discontinued, but you see them around.
I actually own the Mastersound Reference 845, Italian made, wonderful amp. It's an integrated amp. Check my system for picture.
Ibought the Bel Canto.I can't figure out why it wouldn't drive my Odeon Tosca's.I think (and thought when I bought the Bel Canto) that 94 db speakers I would have plenty of power.But I needed 40 watts of push pull to make it work.Go figgure?!?
Chazz, which BC amp did you get? If you're referring to power amps, you need a high gain preamp to make the BC amp sing. The Odeons should be easy to drive with about 8 watts.