'80s Perreax, new Emotiva, lightly used Odyssey?

A couple of my '80s vintage amps either need fixing or are doorstopped (don't know which yet, may be one of each). I've gotten excellent sound from the VSP TransMOS 150 amps (but I have 3, all of which are out of service right now) and a real sleeper of a Heathkit AA-1600.

On the one hand, I'm getting wary of acquiring more '80s-era amps which will probably need work soon, and the Emotiva amps are getting good press. On the other hand, I just stumbled across a 1980s Perreaux with ultra-wide bandwidth (3Mhz!), fast rise time, and very low noise floor at a similar price.

I've always wanted to try a wide-bandwidth design, but the scarcity and prices usually keep me away. However, a 3rd way would be to find a lightly used Odyssey Stratos or Khartago, which are 21st century, have bandwidth out to 400Khz.

Any experience to recommend or caution about Perreaux? How good are the Emotivas in absolute terms? If I went that route I'm considering the 150wx2 XPA-200.
hi, I have never listened to the Perreaux but have a Emotive xpa-2 and a Odyssey Cyclops {Khartago with a volume control]. To be fair I did buy the top of the line upgraded Odyssey and it sounds better than the Emotiva in every area. I,m using Sunfire crm-2s or Magnepan mmgs in the mix as I have various systems in my home and switch things around. audiocircle has a Odyssey section and imo both companies give great service and good value.
I've just responded to your first thread. This one's a bit redundant?

08-30-13: Csontos
I've just responded to your first thread. This one's a bit redundant?
Yep, literally redundant. When my first attempt didn't show up for a couple of days, I thought maybe the mods hadn't received it or didn't like it, so I reworded it and tried again.
Hotmailjbc: Yes, I think Odyssey would be the smart middle road here and I think one or two of them are in my future. I'd like something with very wide bandwidth, fast risetime, and a very low noise floor, and that's where I felt that the Emotiva would strike me as "just another amp."

However, for now I have to keep some money back for house repairs, and I couldn't stand to go without an amp, so I auditioned and picked up a 1980s Perreaux PMF-1150B for much less than even a used Stratos.

I must say I really like this Perreaux. It has that wide bandwidth and speed, but none of the in-your-face symptoms of hyper-detailed components. It simply sounds clear and natural with a very low noise floor and fast risetime, resulting in a very clear musical picture.

When I'm ready, I'll probably consign this one at very little loss (I'll think of it as a rental) and pick up a Stratos Plus or Khartago mono's if I can find the rack space.