80s metal: under the radar....fave recordings

Anybody into Krokus, Saxon, Accept, etc from this somewhat lost era?
Sleeper lps?
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I'll take a stab at this.

Grave Digger - Heavy Metal Breakdown

Heavy Metal Breakdown is one of my all time favorites. I just love the guitar solo.

King Kobra - Ready to Strike

The song hunger is awesome on this record.
I have to admit that I was a metal head in the 80's. I've seen Nasty Savage front row and Nasty Ronnie lifted me off the ground. I've seen Exciter, Merciful Fate, Motorhead, Metallica with David Mustane, Anvil, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Twisted Sister with UFO, Ronnie James Dio (RIP) amongst many others. I was not a fan of Krokus but I liked Saxon (Wheels of Steel) and I totally and undeniably LOVED Accept. I still have Balls to the Wall and some others packed away somewhere. I was also a huge huge fan of The Scorpions earlier music with Ulrich Roth on guitar. Michael Schenker Group (MSG)...awesome. I live in Rochester NY and this was a heavy metal hub back in the 80's for some reason.
I also have to mention that there's a lot more metal bands I listened to in the 80's. It's just been awhile and I can't recall them off the top of my head right now. One of my closest friends hosted a metal show on the radio on Friday nights when we were in high school and it was wildly popular. Then he went to Trevis (spelling) Institute of the Recording Arts up in Toronto. He would interview metal bands as they came through town. He had breakfast with Slayer in 1986, the morning after a show. I'll never forget driving up to visit him. What a blast. He lived right down the street from Mapleleaf Gardens.

These days those bands are just memories. I'm a huge jazz fan now, but I enjoyed the ride. I would have to say that Merciful Fate, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Ronnie James Dio were the best I saw live. If I could see one of them again, I'd choose Dio because he was just insane live. His voice was perfect even in old age. You know dio would be about 70 right now?
Now you've got me feeling like I've lost my memory. I really liked Savatage a lot. Venom, Cirrith Ungol, Overkill. There's more but I can't think of them. I have all this stuff on vinyl and no longer own a turntable. Anyhow, my wife was a Deadhead and would stop talking to me if I played any of this. I tried to put on some old Scorpions and she quickly resolved the issue. I still have my fading memories of Lemmy flicking lit cigarettes into the crowd and I smoked a doobie with Anvil back stage in Toronto once.
I just picked up Judas Priest-British Steel on LP. It's not really a sleeper but I was surprised how good the sonics are on it.

I've been trying to find Accept-Metal Heart and Balls to the Wall on LP but have had no luck yet.
Glam/Metal-Vinnie Vincent Invasion(st)-If you like the sound of a guitar being slaughtered(pun intended)and a heavy dose of vulgar adolescent lyrics your set.
Power/Metal-Armored Saint-Raising Fear-Great bass playing and unique guitar solos. Even a killer cover of Skynyrd's Saturday Night Special for the classic rock fan.
Pop/Metal-Saraya(st)-Was Sandi Saraya a better singer then Pat Benatar? Who Knows but every song on this recording holds up to anything Pat recorded. This band had alot more talent then perceived.
Vinnie Vincent Invasion!
suicidal tendencies: how will i laugh tmrw...

dead horse -- horsecore rules

ludachrist (the real ones, not the rapper)

rigor mortis

megadeth - killing is my business

anthrax - among the living


whiplash -- the band ( i really wish i could find this on digital)

helloween - keeper of the 7 keys

and violence!
Voivod (Nothingface and Dimension Hatross)
Mercyful Fate (Don't Break The Oath)

Some big ass flame throwing guitar stuff:

Alcatrazz (Two w/ Ywngwie and one w/ Steve Vai)
1st Greg Howe and 1st Howe II
Tony Macalpine (Edge of Insanity and Maximum Security)
1st two instrumental David Chastain records
Marty Friedman (Dragon's Kiss and both Cacophony records)
Racer X (2nd Heat)
Leaving a lot out, but there was quite a bit of evil brain slice riffage from the above records. The Scorpions were stll okay through most of the 80's, But i dug em' a lot more in the 70's when they had Ulrich Roth.
Here's an online mix I created with this exact title:

Synthfreek's Under The Radar 80s Metal Mix.

My mix has TKO, Badlands, Fastway, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Crimson Glory, Warrior Soul, Alcatrazz, etc.
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love metal, will alway list to metal, only music that gets goin.

 Only think I don’t care for is all these genre names.

 Whe grew up, it was either “metal” or it wasn’t!

 Now a days,silly. 50 sub genres.


 Ac/dc - zoetrope
love it all!
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