805n B&W speakers. What to pair them best with?

I own a pair of 802n B&Ws and after many months of switching out equipment and tweaking I finally reached a point where I’m very happy. That said I spent triple what I thought it would take too. 
So I recently acquired the 805n speakers and to my surprise my current system did not make these speakers shine the way it works on the 802. Any suggestions on what you guys have these hooked up to for the best sound?
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What amp do you currently have and how far away do you sit?

What exactly do you feel is lacking? Because not enough “shine” doesn’t help. The 805’s obviously have far less bass and need 2x the wattage to get just as loud (88dB vs 91dB sensitivity).
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@mckmxcv Silly as this sounds I want them on my desk on either side of my pc about 5ft apart. Yes I know that’s not ideal. However I tried them in my main system first with Bryston 7B st amps 600watts per block and my direct stream ps audio dac also being used as a Preamp. I know they can’t compare to my much bigger 802 towers but I was expecting them to be a little more revealing and not as muddy as they ended up sounding. I ended up popping them on my desk anyway and hooked them up to my 250watt per channel Yamaha and the sound is about the same not that I expected much from the Yamaha either. 
@ mental Thanks for the tips I’ll check out that Bryston 135

I would say that feeding it a full-range signal is contributing to it sounding muddy; if you can, try add a crossover at maybe 40Hz (regular or digital, or even EQ down the bass via your computer), and that may help tighten it up. 
For a desk, make sure to get some isolation pads/stands, as bass vibrations going thru the desk/table will also cause it to sound muddy.