805C - is this a good amp to get now?

I've read much about this amp and it seems to garner good reviews. My question is that is this still a good amp to get now?

I have a Plinius SA102 amp and was looking to get into another level in terms of amplification and was wondering if this would be a good move or a lateral one...?

I am powering a pair of Martin Logan Summits.

Also, what about the 805AE? Is that worth the extra cash? I know the AE can use the 211 (which doesn't concern me at the moment) but what does is the fact that the AE has a different front end - 2 6sn7 input/buffer tubes instead of the single 6sl7 on the 805C.

So the questions boil down to this:
1. Should I get the 805C (with upgraded oil caps)?
2. Should I wait or spend more for the 805AE?

I am referring to Cary 805 btw... sorry I wasn't clear earlier.
No love for the Cary 805C?
Interesting as no one on audiogon has any thoughts on this highly acclaimed amp. I figured with all the audiophilia in this forum, surely there'd be atleast a number who've heard and own this amp or a variant.

I've had my Cary 805Cs for about 10 years, and can't imagine anything I'd prefer. If you like the Cary family of sound, it's hard to go wrong with them.

I've considered Martin Logans on several occasions, but always ended up with something else. I've always thought that MLs and Cary would make a great match up to moderate volume levels.

I don't have experience with Plinius or the AE edition, but tube rolling in 805Cs makes a significant difference.

Good luck,