804D3 VS Cabasse IROISE 3 VS Spendor D7

which speaker better and musical from them ,for all type music. ,any opnion please for what your thinking or maybe other speakers better from them in same price tag, love and respect :)
If I didn't own the B&W 804D3s, I'd have Klipsch Forte III. I love the B&Ws (need a subwoofer) but I'm limited in my choice of amp (mostly high-power Solid State). The Klipsch would let me have a collection of low-powered (and lower priced) amps which I could switch depending on my mood. Some amps I'd like to own: Pass XA25, Quicksilver monos, Benchmark, Cary 300Bs, you get the idea... Did I mention I LOVE the B&Ws?