803Nautilus or 802 MAtrix Series 3 ?

Hi, i need choise.
I have heard a MAtrix but not a 803N.
Matrix is more cheap than 803N
what is the best choice ?

im sorry for my english.
I have PRE C220 MC and MC 302
I like the Matrix series better than the Nautilus..Not saying either one is better,just prefer the Matrix line better..More musical to my ears.........
I too believe that Matrix series are much more successful than Nautilus. More control, definition and better imaging. Nautilus is just more money for less performance IMHO.
B&W did not set prices to match competitor’s prices until the Nautilus. They were underpriced.

All 800 series Matrix were priced too low based on the market and their performance. Many times in retail shops whose gear did not befit them. Some of their retail dealers hooked up "receivers" to them. I remember this.

Don’t let the 800 series Matrix prices fool you. They will match and perform with the level of gear hooked up to them. Many people I know have found their last speaker with an 800 matrix series speaker.

The better the gear the better they will sound. They need to be raised as well on sound anchor or similar stands.

I have heard Nautilus in retail shops only, not in my sound room, so I can not comment on them. The end of the road for me came with matrix. Have been happy for over 13 years.

I have tried many speakers in my sound room. The 801 matrix 3's are the only ones that have not been rotated out.

Cheers Chris
Matrix all the way.