803D or 802D

Looking for some opinions. I currently have...

B&W CDM9NT Fronts
B&W CDM1NT Rears
Sunfire Signature EQ sub
Adcom GTP-870HD Receiver
Adcom GFA-7805 300x5 amplifier

This amp seems to have too much power for these smaller speakers. Primary use is Home Theater and Music. I was thinking of getting the 802D or 803D's with the HTM2D center, and also changing the sunfire sub to a JL Audio Fathom 113. I sit about 8- away from my speakers. Since it's a great room setup with 11 foot ceilings the room is fairly large. I no longer like having the rear speakers this close to me. I'm thinking about going with wall or ceiling mount rears now for my 5.1 setup. I'd like to hear some opinions and get some good advice on this. Thanks to all.


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That has been the opposite of my experience but then again everything is possible in this crazy hobby.
I used to have 803Ds and liked them very much but they're simply no match for the 802D in terms of midrange transparency and resolution however, the trade-off is much more bass bloat in most normal sized rooms.
Just make sure your room can handle the 802D or else the bass is going to be out of control.