802D vs 800D vs 803D in Small room with open plan?

I've noticed B&W 800D's and B&W 802D's aren't all the different in used prices (2000ish). Is it worth going with the 800D's over the 802D's over the 803D's considering my room in feet is 15x17x10 with with an open kitchen, dinning room, entry and breakfast nook attached. Kitchen is 8 ft ish by 15ft ish and dinning room is 15ish ft by 10ft. Nook 10 x 9. All have or 11 ft ceilings. Maybe ASCII art will help. The area show is all open to each other. Speakers would be in the living room. I'am also guessing the size because it has been a long long time since I've measured or seen the floor plans

| |
| entry |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
|i 15x10
|n entry
|d Dinning room |
|o |
|w Half Wall ___ |___
-------------- | |
| 2.5ft tall | |
| 4 | |
| f | |
| t | Kitchen |
| Living Rm | |
| 15x17 W | 8x 15 |
| a | |
| l | |
| l | |
| | |
| | |
| |____ ____|
window | |
| |
d | |
o | 10ft x9ft |
o | |
r | Nook |
| |
| |
ASCII art came out terrible, sorry.
I haven't heard the diamond tweeter version of these speakers, but 802s are a significant upgrade to the 803s. When I compared them in 1998 on the same system, the 803s had the typical "box" speaker sound to them. The 802s did not. I surmised the difference was because of the Marlan enclosure on the 802's midrange or possibly a stiffer cabinet. My wife and I tried to sell ourselves on the cheaper 803s, but alas, we bought the 802s. No regrets, and still own them. I have not heard the 800s.

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Yes, if buying used you should move up the line if you can. The 802D is much more open in the midrange than the 803D (I have not heard the 800D). Your room is more than big enough. Your biggest room issue may turn out to be left and right balance issues with all the open spaces. Meaning sound stage, bass, and what not may be off center. But if you do not have those issues now... you should not have them later.

Good luck and shoot high.
Can anybody compare the 800D's vs the 802D's? Is there a huge difference? Are they worth the extra $$? I know they need power, I plan to take care of that with some JC1's or keep my RB-1091 mono's. They both drive heavy loads pretty well.
I actually run the 803d's with JC1's. Works great. Contrary to other posts, I did not see the "bang for buck" difference between the 802d's and 803d's.

"Can anybody compare the 800D's vs the 802D's? Is there a huge difference?"

I can not. But if it were me I would make sure my front end is top notch first if I were buying NEW. With out a good front end and B&W there is no point.

If you can get a pair used I would buy the 800D and never look back. I would not care how much better they were.... just that they are better. It would save me the thought of upgrading later. Also if you end up selling them there are a lot less 800Ds for sale so they might hold their value better over time.
Thanks for all the thoughts. I saw a pair of used 8000D's on here for 10K but they were snatched up within a day. Mostly likely I'll be waiting for a while before I get to upgrade (cost wise) and I plan on upgrading the front end first. A pair of used JC1's paired with a parasound C1/C2/New HDMI 1.3 pre/pro. Right now I just use digital outs from my ps3/360 for music and let my Pre do the DAC.

Assuming I go with the JC1's or just keep my rotel 1091's am I going to have a good enough front end for the 800D's?

If the room is too small do the 800D's become boomy?
The difference between the 802's and the 800's is really in the bass. I owned the 802's and found the bass adequate, the 800's I find perhaps too adequate. To me they sound bass heavy. The mids and highs are a bit cleaner and clearer on the more expensive model, because of a better crossover. I bought the 802's because I loved the way they looked. I have since moved on.
You could do a whole lot better than the B&W's for the price you would have to shell out especially for the big ones. IMHO.
My requirements for speakers have recently become great sound with awesome imaging but also aesthetically pleasing. So far I've seen a ton of high rated speakers but the looks have been my main issue. Mainly the looks become a requirement on if I can have them or not... Anything that you can recommend that cost less then used 802D/800D's and looks as good or better would be exactly what I'm looking for!