802d's with Classe CAM 350's or a single CA-2200?

Hi Everyone.

This is my first posts, mainly as I'm desperate for advice!

I own newer 802d's which i love, but I power them with a behemoth Rotel 1090 stereo amp which barely gets them to sing.

I have heard the 802's with the CA-2200 and loved it, but now I am thinking that for the same money I may be better served with the CAM 350 monos despite their older age.

That said, I have no contacts that own them and I am afraid to buy them sight unheard.

Can anyone comment on the two? I know it's a long shot, but it's a tough one to guess at.

Thanks in advance for any input.

I would definitey stick with what you have heard and like. 100% no way would i buy the 350s with no idea if they would be as good (IMO mainly the upper registers) and then you are screwed! Stick with what you can hear, The bird in hand in this case is worth way more that that one you haven't heard.
And The CA-2200 IS a great amp.
(so were the 350's in thier day, which in not today any more)
I have CA 300/400 and can say without a doubt that the 350's will rock those 802's nicely.More power for sure.I had the 300 on my PMC's(at the time) for a whole month till I got a 400 and WOW on the volume.You have extra headroom for sure.I dont see how 200w/ch will compare to 350w monoblocks.....and I doubt there will be a HUGE difference in sound.Buy the newer 350's(they have WBT speaker posts)...unless you can get a good deal on the older style.
good luck
Thanks guys!

Mclsound....do you have any idea when the 350's post were updated. I'm not sure what year I should be looking for.

"I have heard the 802's with the CA-2200 and loved it".

Go with the CA-2200 , The CAM 350's are nice but they are 10 years old.
I dont know the exact date..2000-2001???maybe.It wont matter really but if someone is asking the same price for the older posts as the newer...go for newer.I wouldnt pay much more than $3000-$3300 for a pair with all boxes.