802d or 800d

Hi I have the chance of owning either of these speakers for the same money.Is there much difference in performance.I do like the look of the 802ds but they look a bit laterally unstable so may go for the slightly bigger 800ds.My room size is 28 feet by 16 feet.Using vdh fevelation hybrid chord 1200e qbd76 blu transport.Will probably upgrade to a more powerful chord amp soon though.
Split the difference, go with the 801d ....
The 801d would be the Dill.
Let me get this straight...

Same cost for either and that size room?

No question.  800d.
I propose a third answer - neither. The measurements on both these speakers are fortunately published in Stereophile and they are not at all world class for such an expensive speaker. Basically a boosted treble and boosted bass with a mid range suckout. 

Wilson Sasha is much better.
If you think the 802d is physically unstable - have you tried to shift one?
Methinks surely not.
I had a set of three 802d2s across the front a few years ago and when I sold them I struggled with the ability to move them!
I cannot envisage any normal circumstance where their stability can be questioned.
After a spell away with Proac Carbon 8s I am about to take delivery of 2 800d3s in the next 10 days.
They are on castors so are moveable yet very solid/stable and do not look too much larger than the 802d3s. A point here is that the new d3s are hugely popular, and for very good reason indeed. I originally compared the 802d3 with the Kef Blade and for me it was no contest. It seems that the 802d3 owners are so pleased with the product they are switching to the 800d3 at just a cost uplift, as I have done. There are a number of reasons for this, so if you are talking about the d3s then it must be the 800 instead of the 802.
If the older d1 or d2 then the margin is somewhat less.

I had the 802d2 then 802d3 and just took 800d3.

I passed on Alexias for the 800d3