802.11n USB network adapter

I use two years old MacMini limited to 802.11g with 801.11n capable Airport Express. I would like to use 802.11n for the reason of lower interference of cell phones etc. but not sure if adapters like this one http://us.startech.com/product/USB300WN2X2-USB-80211N-300-Mbps-Wireless-Network-Adapter-2T2R would work. How complicated this would be setup-wise in Snow Leopard? AE in my current setup is installed as "to join existing network" but my 2-wire wireless router is not 802.11n capable. Would you advise change or is it to much hassle (I have very few droputs).
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I tried mixing 802.11g with 802.11n with an "n" base station (router), and had nothing but problems. Perhaps I just am not network savvy enough - but pulling the 'g' AE made everything run a whole lot smoother. No experience with the adapter you link to though. I think your cell interference comes in at 2.4ghz and you can now get 5ghz routers that should be immune to interference by the former.

Not familiar with the Startech, but I use a Newer Technologies USB adapter with a g enabled base station in a system that mixes n and g computers. It works without a hitch.
I already had hard time initially stetting this network. My friend tried the same with AE on my advice and finally gave up and returned AE to Apple store. I'm computer literate, but more on hardware than software side. I'm planning to change layout of the room and long Toslink might be an option (now it is across the room). On the other hand everything around changes to wireless (phones, internet etc).
I tried the Apple Airport Express also and found it extremely limiting. The configuration options were very sub-par in my opinion. I replaced it with a Netgear WNDR3300L that I flashed DD-WRT onto. (Yeah, it's a little more advanced procedure but well worth it.) Everything works beautifully now.

That say, 802.11g works great, too, and I feel is less finicky than n in many ways. So if it works fine for you, why mess with it?