$8000 budget on Pre-amp

looking for opinions on a pre-amp to mate with pass labs XA60.5 & Vienna Acoustics Mahler speakers. I have a budget of $8000 give or take $500.

Thank you in advance
The VAC Phi Alpha currently listed on Audiogon. No, I have no relationship with the seller.
Thank all for the responces.
I am picking up a couple of demo pre's Saturday,
an Audio Research LS27 & an Ayre KX-5.
A shocking preamp and I mean shocking how good, is the Manley 300B which carves out space better than any preamp solid state or tube, greater warmth then the ARC stuff, with a great sense of flow, and it is very involving and you can get a brand new unit with warranty and no issues for $5,800.00 this thing is a bargain.
I would suggest you take a look at the Herron VTSP-3AR02. I had several Audio Research (SP16 and LS26) and Modwright (LS36.5 and LS100) preamps prior to acquiring the Herron and the VTSP-3AR02 represented a significant step upwards from these well regarded models. My search for an extremely quiet, musically compelling preamp has ended with the Herron. I am not sure how it would mate with your Pass amplification but I believe I have seen this combination elsewhere. You could check with Keith on this as he is very honest and willing to talk through whatever questions you may have. The Herron is well within your price range.
The Shindo Auriges is a stunning preamp. It conveys the emotion of the music better then any pre I have ever heard. The VAC pre's are also very nice