$800 Integrated

I'm looking to spend about 800 on a used integrated to power a pair of PSB stratus Mini's. I like detailed sound that is slightly laid back. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Sonic Frontiers Anthem 2 integrated, Audio Refinement Compete, YBA
I guess I should have mentioned I have owned the anthem INT 2 once and I currently own the Audio Refinement.
Musical Fidelity A3 Integrated.
Blue Circle has just released an integrated with a tube preamp. I believe it was selling on Audiogon for around $850.00 from a dealer in Canada.
YBA Integre DT used...
The Classe CAP 80 is a very good amp in that price range (used) and I think fits your desired sound characteristics.
Nakamichi TA-4A and swap out the jumpers.
LFD Mistral fits this bill.
I would say either the Rega Mira or the Exposure 2010 - the former being smoother and sweeter, the latter being more detailed and neutral. Both are excellent and will run your speakers very well. We have sold both to customers with PSB's - they are a common match because of the price points.