$800-1000 home theater receiver

My Arcam AVR300 is going down and I need new receiver. Run a 5.1 system, although the Arcam lets me bi-amp/wire the left and right fronts. Would like HDMI and the new technology. My speakers are about 89db efficient and working with Direct TV HD receiver and Oppo 860 dvd. Plan to get a Blueray player in the near future. Romm is approximately 12x10. Any Suggestions.
Sensible Sound magazine did an exhaustive review of the Onkyo 805 (now the 806). The main point of the review was how Onkyo optimized the 805 for both music and HT reprodution. Apparently the receiver is over-spec'd and over-built. It is a $1000 receiver that J&R music is currently selling for $650


would you really be happy with something less than an Arcam
a few AVR 350's listed here for $1500

hdmi versus analog outs - Arcam hasn't switched over because it doesn't sound as good

Okay...... exactly, what kind of sound do you want?? Are you looking for a richer, fuller sound??? Or are you looking for a crisper and leaner sound???

I like Rich's recommendation of the Onkyo 806 Receiver. I also like the various offerings from Yamaha. You should be able to land a late model RX-V3800 (this year, it's the RX-V3900) for around that price since it is a closeout model.

Also, I would look at and auditon a Marantz SR5003 ($800.00) to see if that's more your cup of tea.

The one I personally like is the Harman Kardon AVR-354. It has HDMI connectivity, the latest decoders, a Faroudja Video Scaler, an i-Pod Dock and 75 Watts Per Channel (high current too) for just $900.00 list. You can get one for around $800.00. And it delivers a clean and spacious sound too (with a deep and tight bass response).

Good Luck and Happy Shopping.....

You could buy the new motherboard for your Arcam and have it installed for less than $800, and that's even if the DSP board is also bad. $500 if just the main board.
Chances are that's all that is wrong with it, plus the new motherboards are heavily updated to fix the overhearing issues that took out your AVR in the first place.
Aren't ARCAM warranty for 5 years?
Arcam does have HDMI in their FMJ AV-9
and yes they do have 5yr.warranty