8'or 12' speaker cable, any difference?

I need a longer run of my Harmonic Technology Pro-9 Bi-Wire cables and wondered if I will hear any significant differences.
With high performance speaker cables, to get a significant loss, it must double in length. Conversely, to get an improvement, it needs to be shortened to one half. This simple formula has been expressed to me by the chief designer at three different high end (audio) cable companies. It probably is not accurate for every situation (like extremely long lengths) or for every current design. However, I think you are safe with Harmonic Technology. To be absolutely certain, you could post the proposed length change here, or perhaps easier, call up the factory and get their advice. The manufacturer has everything to gain in making your system better, and they are less influenced with the possible sale than is an audio retailer.
Hi Albert, Thanks again for your expertise and wisdom. I did write Jim Wang of Harmonic Tech, and he said it should make no signifiant difference, only that breakin takes longer. Carl and Sam were helpful at the other post. I wasn't getting any responses here, so I changed the wording of my question and "reposted". Hope all is well with your system and your adventures in AudioWorld.