8 ohms or 4 ohms settings for my B&W 803s?

I have a system that includes Krell SACD Standard, Rogue Audio Perseus preamp, Rogue Audio ST90 power amp, Straight wire Serenade speaker cables, Straight wire Cresendo interconnects, and the 803s speakers. I find that many cd's seam to be short on sound quality (sound sounds compressed on such CD's as Sprigstein "The Rising", Seely Dan "Royal Scam"). It was recomended that I try switching the power amp to 4 ohms from 8 ohms. Any comments or concerns out there regarding switching the impedence?
Just try it, can't hurt anything...
If the recording is compressed, I don't see how it would change by switching impedance. The 2 CDs you mentioned are not audiophile quality recordings.
I guess you can experiment, but I doubt it will change much.
You can't hurt anything, it's all a matter of trying both and seeing which you prefer sonically....
You really should use the 4 ohms taps IMO. But yes, you can try both.

Using the 4 ohm tap for nominal 8 ohm speakers will not hurt you amp or speakers.
(the reverse: using the 8 ohm tap for 4 ohm speakers is NOT WISE)
You may get a bit of a difference in the sound from the change in impedance match.
Thanks for all the answers... I did the change and the whole system blew, started a fire, and wrecked my office. Guess I'll have to go buy a new system, NOT!!! I did switch to 4 ohms and I do hear a suttle improvement.