7K for preamp,HT processor, source

May sell my present rig, CD/DVD/DVD-A player and processor and replace with preamp w/HT passthru, processor and source component. Would like to accomodate SACD/DVD-A if possible. Budget is around 7K for the trio. Music quality more important that HT. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Am also considering going the multichannel preamp route -- has anybody heard any of these? Could pair w/a universal player like the McCormack.
Speaking of McCormack..they have a multichannel pre-amp, I think it runs around $2,000. Most players now days have built in DD/DTS decoders that you could use for movies.

Yeah, am wondering if anyone has paired the two McCormack components. Or the Bel Cantos for that matter, but that's a whole other price level.
I reccomend a listen to the UDP-1/MAP-1 combo from McCormack. At $5,500 for the pair, I am convinced that nothing better is available today, including the Linn stuff, at a much higher price tag. I did not believe it until I heard, and bought the pair.
I'd stay away from a company like McCormack for digital stuff like a DVD player or even their HT processor. Small companies might be able to do some real R&D on an amp or 2ch pre, but not something as complex as a DVD player or processor that requires a bundle of chips and circut boards. That stuff is almost entirely outsourced so you are more likely paying for the name. I'd pick up the Arcam DV79 which is cheaper then the UDP-1, and has the new HDMI output. As for a pre/pro/amp combo that is entirely dependent upon your speakers so I won't comment there, but there are some multi-channel pre's that do quite well with music (EAD/SimAudio/Krell/Meridian/Classe) so I wouldn't rule them out.
Technically speaking, McCormack does not make an HT processor, only a multi-channel, analogue preamp. All processing must be handled by the onboard chips in the player that is connected to it. Regards.
If you are hyper-critical about listening to red book CD, whether in strict 2 channel, or played in DPLII/Logic7, or in the case of the MAP-1, the ARM mode, you really MUST listen to the McCormack pair.

I have had the Krell in my home, as well as the Rotel, and Classe units. All very good. All have more options. None sound as good on Red Book CD.

The ARM stereo mode on the MAP-1 allows 5 channel playback of 2 channel sources, similar to DPLII, and other surround modes. It is the only one included on the MAP-1. It does sound a bit like DPLII, possibly better. Very tastefully done. No cheesy sounding, out of phase anomalies. All other surround modes must be delivered to the MAP-1 from onboard decoders in an associated universal player, including DD/DTS/DVDA/SACD.