75ohm vs 110ohm digital cables

I am seeking some clarification. I have a Esoteric transport and DAC and am looking to upgrade the digital cables to a dual XLR (being the units can accept that). In looking at cables some are 75ohm and some are 110ohm. I cannot find anything in the manuals that states which should be used? Any clarification here would be useful as I am reluctant to purchase anything till I am confident I am getting the right one. Is this something that is user choice? Any impact on sound quality?

It's my understanding that 75 ohm cable would be coax and typically uses RCA connectors. Shielded twisted pair cable for balanced audio (including digital) applications would be 110 ohm and use XLR connectors.

Here's a quote from Blue Jeans Cable

"Belden 1800F is an AES/EBU 110 ohm cable, which means it's suited even for the most demanding balanced digital audio applications."
For S/PDIF connections, 75 ohm coaxial cable should be used. For AES (XLR connector), 110 ohms twisted-pair cable should be used.

S/PDIF is single-ended. AES/EBU is differential or "balanced".

Steve N.
Empirical Audio