750 or so -- B&W 602, Vandersteen 1C, or...?

Which speakers would you pick for $750 or so to go with a modest system including an NAD C340 integrated amplifier, a Cambridge Audio D500 CD player, an old Yamaha turntable, an old Dynaco tuner and a JVC cassette deck? I've been thinking about B&W 602 or Vandersteen 1C speakers. (Sure, Vandersteen 2Ce would be nice, but they cost twice as much.) How would you describe the differences in sonic quality between these, the types of music they would best be suited for listening to, and their compatability with the rest of the equipment in my system? Have any other suggestions (polite ones I trust) for roughly the same price? I listen to a broad range of music -- jazz, classical, and occasional blues, rock or folk. I tend to listen more to solo performers, duets, trios or quartets, playing at moderate volumes, than to large bands, full orchestras or loud rock, although I occsionally crank it up.
Check the classifieds on this site and follow the auctions.You can get a good used pair of 2C's for the price range you are in,that is if Vandersteen is what your heart desires.
Pete - I made a similar decision many(ten) years ago. Suffice it to say, that while I liked B & W's speaks, and thought they were slightly more convincing on brass, with a fuller tonal balance, I went with(and still own) the Vandersteen 1B's, which sounded more transparent, less boxy, and just generally more magical to my ears. By using NAD's loudness contour, I was actually able to get the Vandy's to fill out like the B & W's, whereas I could never get the B & W's to sound as airy and engaging as the Vandersteens. Just my opinion, but I may have come closest to your situation. I now have a Linn LP12 and a recent Pioneer Elite CD player, but still have my same speakers. If the 1C's are anything like the 1B's, they should be towards the top of your list. Your musical tastes sound similar as well. Better out there? Sure, but probably not for $ 750. Personally, I would entertain used speaks to upgrade your options, as some real gems come up on this site from time to time.
Good luck in your search!
I've never heard the 1Cs, so I can't give you any specific advice. My general advice would be that speakers and rooms go together, and those two designs may interact with your room in very different ways. I'd strongly urge you to get them both home and listen for yourself. Someone else's experience in their listening room may or may not be relevant to your situation.
I love the natural, open, non-fatiguing Vandersteen sound. I have a pair of Vandersteen 1C, which I have powered by a 60 watt/channel NAD integrated amplifier. They do a very nice job with most music. If you supplement them with a fine subwoofer (I have an ACI Titan II LE) to fill out the lowest octave, they can do it all with plenty of slam, even in less optimal rooms. If you have the space, a used pair of Vandersteen 2Ce might be affordable (A friend recently got a pair for $600), and they are virtually full range, but they might require a bit more power (though my friend runs his well with 50 watt/channel AR tube amplification).

I'm generally put off by most B&W's, especially after living with Vandersteens. They tend to have fatiguing highs and sound more like speakers and less like music to me, but you may hear things differently.
See if you can find a used pair of Meadowlark audio Kestrels. Much better than the 602's (which I owned a while back) and the 1c's, no comparison. I prefer the Kestrels to the Vandy 2ce's. Kestrels sound great with a wide variety of equipment and will keep you a happy for a long time.

Have fun.
Take a listen to the Paradim Studio 20 loudspeakers, a very different set of tradeoffs than the excellent Vandys.
Like PRS123, I made a decision 9 years ago to purchase the Vandersteen 1B's. Over the years - I have changed CD players from NAD to Sony to the Rega Planet, changed turntables, amps etc. but never felt the need to give up my 1B's. They are so sweet sounding, I never get tired of hearing them. BTW, I also own a pair of B&W DM 302's in my second system which are pretty good...but the Vandys rule!
Good luck with your decision.
You may want to grab these if you are thinking of 1C's, and put the other $ 400 towards more discs. Just a thought.
It seems a lot more 2's come up for sale than 1B's. H-m-m.
I have the same components hooked to Dynaudio Audience 50 speakers and they sound excellent.
Vandersteens are great on vocals,acoustic material,and string quartets...with more complicated and bass driven material...their rolled off highs and slow bass become apparent...still...you are not going to find sonic nirvana at this price...and the 602s are a bit muddy and bright for my tastes...in this regard...the Vandies are better...and used 1bs probably the best cost effective option....usually $300-400....