$750 Full Featured Remote Preamp Reccomendations

I'm in the market for a preamp. I'd like to spend around $750 +/-, new or used.

While there are a number of options, the feature that is stumping me is "full featured remote" - I want the remote to control both volume and source selection.

A tube in there somewhere would be great - but not a "must". Phono nice, but line level will do.


Disclaimer because I am selling one, but the Quad 99 is as full featured as you can get, including the remote, sounds great, and is in your price range.

I have tube everything else, so I am getting a tube preamp. I hope I end up happy with my decision to sell the Quad.
CJ PV14L (series 2) second-hand?
Bel Canto Pre 3 is a steal used and awesome sounding.
Great ideas guys. Many thanks for the input. I'll continue to keep my eyes peeled on the used market for some of these options.

I'm not as keen on the Chinese gear, but it seems to present an option(s)

I welcome the group's continued ideas.
Audible Illusions 3...does it come with remote? otherwise, i understand its excellent for the money!
Feature by feature, the new HAP-100 from nuforce at $600 is a very good value.