75 ohm V.S.300 ohm and S.Q.

I have a pair of 75 ohm cables running out of my dac into my pre and this sounds incredible!my dac is my source so its the only thing running into my pre but am i damaging anything by running 75 ohm?My mids come alive and most if not all digital harshness is gone! so please say im ok.
No problem at all. The "characteristic impedance" of the cable, in this case 75 ohms, is not relevant at the frequencies of analog audio signals. It would be relevant if you were using the cable to carry digital audio signals, in which case a mismatch would not cause damage but would probably impact sound quality.

Not sure what your reference to 300 ohms refers to. If that is the output impedance of the dac, again the "mismatch" to the 75 ohm characteristic impedance of the cable is not relevant at audio frequencies.

-- Al
TO Al...

most all RCA cables are 300 ohm so thats what i was refering to with 300 vs 75 ohm.
most all RCA cables are 300 ohm
Not sure where you got that from, but it is certainly wrong. Most rca cables utilize coaxial construction, and I am not aware of any coaxial cable that has an impedance above 100 ohms, with most being considerably less than that.

-- Al
Oh! Well you learn something new everyday!Just misinformed thats all I guess.Anyway a pair of digital 75 ohm cables are the first thing out of my DAC(first cables RCA) to the pre and so far in they sound much less harsh alomost a tube vs transistor kinda thing happening.It takes ALOT of the digital harshness and REALLY makes the midrange very smooth.So If I was damaging something I wanted to know because if not they are diffinatly staying.I just recently gathered all the pieces I want so I am playing with cables now that everything else is dialed in the way I want it so now im playing with cables until a new piece of equipment comes along (and it will) and I have to have it.Then I have to start all over again with my base cables Ialways use when I get a new piece.So I tried the 75 ohm digital cables and WOW!!! this is one of the single most simple and noticable changes I have made in a long time.Thanks for the knowledge and if you get an itch you want to scratch just try a set of digitals and check out the diffrence it REALLY makes...Have a good one! Jay,