75 Ohm Silver Video & DIgital Audio Cables????

In recent months I've noticed a number of small cable companies marketing silver video or silver digital audio cables as 75 ohm cable and/or 75 ohm connectors.

The owner of one such company told me that he pulls out the copper from like Belden and puts in his own silver.
I asked him if he had a TDR (Time Delay Reflectometer) to measure to ensure 75 ohm impedance within a few dB tolerance, he said "What's a TDR?"

Digital audio and video cabling is speced by design at 75 ohm impedance. The more the cable varies from this, the more inaccuracy in transmission and the more reflections.
Large companies like Belden and Canare have outstanding quality control to ensure that what they spec is what you get.

I suspect that these small companies usually have poor quality control when it comes to 75 ohm impedance, indeed if they have any quality control at all; that they don't even know what a TDR is let alone how to use one; and that they are just using their regular silver audio cabling, where impedance isn't critical, for their digital audio and video cabling.

And if they say that Eichmann bullet plugs are 75 ohm - well, they ain't.

I'd luv to see the small cable companies selling silver video and digital audio companies respond concerning this.