75 ohm BNC terminated cables for word clock to cd player

Interested in finding out what people are using as the 75 ohm cable with BNC ends for application between an Esoteric player and an Esoteric word clock that are priced in the $100 to $500 range?
My normal go to recommendation in this class is Chris Sommovigos black cat offerings (https://blackcatcable.com/collections/digital-cables/products/c-silverstar-75-mk2-spdif). These tend to stress accuracy and speed which is a plus for a clock cable. In my system which has four clock cables I use a mix of Transparent Ref XL and one Marigo cable, the latter for the 10MHz master however all these are well outside your price range. Other options or families to try would include Nordost, Transparent and AudioQuest.  I’ve used all and all are good. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much on offer on the Gon at present so no “steals” to point you at I’m afraid. BTW your clock will also benefit from an upgraded power cord and potentially isolation footers as well — see here for more discussion https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/benefits-of-adding-a-10mhz-master-clock-to-a-digital-system