75 Ohm antenna connector for Classe Tuner 1

I recently purchased a Classe Tuner 1 and a Radio Shack power FM antenna. The 75 ohm plug from the antenna when mounted onto the 75 ohm binding post of the tuner does not make a snug connection, and, therefore, I cannot tune to any signals. The circumferential dimension of the antenna plug appears to be too large and the axial dimension of the plug appears to be too small to make a reliable connection. I would have thought these connectors would be of a standard size but apparently they are not. Can anyone recommend a solution? I would appreciate your helpful comments.

They are a standard size.

Assuming the threaded connector on the antenna engages with the threads on the 75 ohm connection on the tuner and tightens normally (it should if both are undamaged), then the problem is often that the center bare wire that inserts into the connection is too short to make proper contact.

Possible solutions (in order to try:

1) The connection on the antenna you bought probably should work but doesn't. Return the antenna you bought and get a different one and try that. If that doesn't work....

2) Assuming the tuner has a 2 terminal 300 ohm flat wire connection also, also pick up a 75 to 300 ohm adapter while at Radio Shack, attach the current 75 ohm lead to that and then the two wires from the adapter to the 300 ohm terminals on the tuner and see if that now works.

3) If 1 or 2 doesn't work, and your tuner has the 300 ohm 2 wire conenction, return the antenna and just get a simple 300 ohm FM dipole wire antenna and attach that to the 300 ohm antenna terminals on the tuner. This is often the failsafe thing to do and the cheaper dipole often will match or outperform many fancier indoor FM antennas that you might try otherwise.

Good luck!

Thanks for your helpful advice. I will proceed as you have recommended.

Thanks again.
I am not clear as to how the connector doesn't fit, but be aware that there is a Euro type of connector for antenna input. My Luxman tuners have the Euro connector. Radio shack sells an adapter to take care of this peoblem.