700.00 speakers new or used

any 700.00 that you can listen all day and not  get  tired
Dhalquist DQ-20sDCM Timewindows 1a or 3Techniques SB7000aI really love my Martin Logan Aerius set, but you would need a sub, I think...I'm buying the next set of sb7000a's that I see. Tough to make room for those.
In my experience.
I'm driving those used Maggie 1.6's with this SoundArtist SA-200IA.


It seems to work fine but I don't know anything about amps but the guy at The Next Best Thing seemed to like them and the price is right.  He thought they would be good with the LRS.  Might get them a little cheaper from Aliexpress or China HiFi Audio.  I also added in an old Velodyne CHT-10 subwoofer I had lying around on a very low setting.  It adds just a little bit of punch to the Maggies.  It is too rumbly to crank it up much since I believe it was more of a home theater subwoofer.
Gotta love posters that just say no or good luck. I mean, really?
Looking on US Audiomart, I see these candidates. Some of these have to be decent.

Aerial Acoustics Model 5 Speakers $700.00
Vandersteen 2Ci Speakers and Stands $700.00 and many others...
Monitor Audio Silver RX6 Floor Standing Speakers $700.00
Totem Acoustic Rainmaker Speakers $700.00
Joseph Audio RM-7si $700.00
Dali Lektor 8 tower speakers $699.00
LSA1 Monitor Speakers (Rosewood) standard edition, new $699.00
Revel Concerta F12 Speaker Pair $650.00
Magnepan LRS with Magna Riser Airborne stands $650.00
Vienna Acoustics Berg $550.00
Magneplanar 1.5QR Speakers $565.00
Emerald physics epx $600.00