7 channel Sim titan or seperate amps???

I currently have the Sim Moon 7 channel titan running my home theater-Talon hawks,jm lab in walls and seperate Servodrive contrabass sub- Would I gain anything by switching to seperate amps and also should I stay at using a 80HZ crossover??
I have always been impressed with the Sim stuff and would not think there would be a significant increase in quaility if you went to separate mono blocks unless you spent a lot more money. I would try different settings with the crossover point until you found what sounded the best to you. It can be a time consuming process.

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The benefit for an HT system of your quality may not be enhanced enough to justify the extra cost of amps, interconnects and shelf space, I agree to play around with what you have and save the money
Let me ask you a question first - What is it that you are looking to improve? Better 2-channel performance? "Louder" Home Theater sound? etc....

For reference, I own Talon Raven C's, a Falcon C center chnl, Martin Logan Stylos (on-wall) rears and a REL Stadium III sub. I also use both a VAC tube preamp -AND- an EAD TheaterMaster pre/pro simultaneously.

This gives me a "dedicated" 2-channel system when I want 'pure' tube stereo performance, while still being able to fully integrate the other 3 amplified channels and sub for HT using the pre/pro and the VAC's Cinema Bypass input. Yes - there is alot of components involved. Lots of cables, intercons, rack space, etc. I guess I manage to justify it all through the system's extreme versatility...

However, I used to have a Titan 5, that powered all channels except the sub. I was VERY happy with it's sound, build-quality and easy-going nature in all conditions. Plus, it is VERY synergistic with Talon speakers. But that did not stop me from asking the same question you are - "Would multiple amps sound alot BETTER then this single 5-channel multichamp?".

So, I first swapped it for an all-monoblock setup (Electrocompaniet's). Now that is gone and I feel that I have found a nice compromise in a Sim Audio W-5LE for the mains and a Titan 3-channel for the rest.

Admittedly, the system has changed alot since the Titan 5 was there, but I am quite certain that the W-5LE is a "better" amp then the Titan for stunning 2-channel performance with Talons. It is a more detailed, impactful and cleaner sound - more mature yet dynamic. The headroom is awesome - it never runs out of steam or seems strained. Basically, take all the things that you like about the Titan and multiply it by 150%.

-BUT- having said all that, the Titan STILL ain't no slouch by itself. I could EASILY go back to a Titan 5 and be quite content.

So, the moral of the story is - if you prize ultimate 2-channel performance, have enough space, power, intercons and Money to justify another amp, you may want to consider adding a separate 2-channel amp to act as a companion to your Titan. The Titan can always run the rest of the channels just fine, allowing you to experiment with different stereo amps to your heart's content. And if this addition does not turn out to justify itself, then you can sell the 2-chnl amp and go back to the T-7 alone - no harm, no foul.

Hope that helps...
b houser- thanks for the response- this system is for HT only I am running a complete seperate 2-channel system- I guess like you I wanted to know for HT only would I get more dynamics etc. from seperates but it seems that the 7 channel titan is up to the task? thanks,gary
If you ask Cinematic-systems, he'd tell ya you not only need separate 1000 watt Bolder mono's for each driver in your speaker system, but would likely asume you to be an idiot for not agreeing...just incase you were curious.
Other than that, I find multi-channel amps to do quite well for most peoples home theater applications. Only the rarest of high end applications do I feel need to do that radical.
Infact, probably 90% who do go that route end up selling the "excess" baggage, and go liquid...buying a less ambitious setup. But, depends of course.
Also for most any tipical passive home speakers, I'm going to recommend a high crossover, like 80hz, yes. Control is an issue with passive speakers mostly, except the very high sensitivity designs like horns have some advantage. Otherwise, bass is much better with an active woofer, therefore making the speakers only play above 80hz. Good luck
Cinematic got you a little ruffled 'eh FLamb?

Bebop86, I dont think the gain would be worth the expense. The Titan is wonderful and fully capable amp. If you were runnning a hybrid 2 channel/HT then maybe.

As far as the 80hz xover, if you can run your front mains at a lower point, then maybe give it a try. Nothing is set in stone when it comes to subwoofer xover. Driver intergration, room modes, etc. all play havoc on bass. You'll have to experiment a little to find what sounds best. I would go out on a limb and say that your inwalls may not agree with a low xover point though. for them 80 sounds about right.
Distortion? Cinematic?...who dat?
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I can understand. You two went at it a few times! Now you have me all curious what he would say?