7 Channel Amp VS 5 + 3 Channel

I had bought a 7 channel amp for a home theater system and it got lost by UPS this past week.

I found another deal deal on the same amp in the 5 channel version. If I buy it before it gets away, and then buy another 3 channel of the same brand/line or even a different brand later on, and use it for my center and two fronts, is that going to sound better anyway?

It seems like this forum is for lower channel amps than one amp to cover 7 channels. I just wasn’t sure if it can truly be detected by the listener.


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Interesting. Yes maybe I should buy a 5 channel amp and 2 channel or integrated 2 channel for the fronts and listening to music. 

At first I was saying 3 channel so that I would have the same amp driving my two fronts and center channel all with the same amp for HT. 


If I go with a 5 and 2 channel Integrated, I would be losing bass management since most integrated don’t have it, and as stated on my other posts I do not want the full signal going to two bookshelves, they just don’t handle the lows too well. I run my music as a 2.1 Stereo for now until/unless I get towers. I do have a powered 12” sub.

I guess the whole point of the integrated connected to the AV pre-amp would be to be able to use it as the pre when playing strictly music. If the integrated does not have bass management, then the full signal gets sent to my bookshelfs. Granted, I can still have my Monitor Audio RX-12 connected to the integrated for a 2.1, but that full signal will be passed to my bookshelves. If I am using the integrated to play music, then I wouldn’t be using the bass management of the AV receiver. I would only use the bass management feature of the AV pre processor when watching movies and using the HT Bypass feature on the integrated. I have already posted another thread for which integrated amps out there have bass management and there are very few and very expensive.