7.1 HT proc/amp for B&W Matrix 803x2,805x3, DS6x2?

I put together a home theater for my 19x14 room with all B&W speakers, and need some suggestions. I have B&W Matrix 803 fronts, Matrix 805 center and rear surrounds and DS6 (wall hung) surrounds. I used 4 strands of good grade silver wire to each of the surrounds, to bi-wire if I so choose. Oh, and in a moment of weakness, I splurged on the biggest B&W subwoofer about 1.5 years ago - the ASW 850. Speakers are done!

I'm building a full-wall entertainment center in cherry to house the electronics and since I don't want a big hole in the middle of it, I will swap out my 53" Hitachi Ultravision rear projection TV for a DLP or plasma non-floor standing model (I'v had GREAT luck with Hitachi TVs for 20 years). But the room is south facing, with lots of windows in sunny Florida, so ambient light may negate a plasma choice - thoughts on that?

I also want to trade-up my electronics from the Onkyo TX-NR900 (7x110 WPC) and matching SACD/DVD player to a more musical and higher quality 7.1 HT processor and matching amp in the 150 - 200wpc range. The HT unit will be used by family when I'm not there, so simple operation is a must. Suggestions I've heard to date are the Krell Showcase, Classe and Rotel. But it looks like Krell doesn't make a 7-channel showcase amp, and I'm worried that multiple amps (2+5) will be an MCF for my family members to operate. For now, that leaves Classe on the high end and Rotel on budget end.

It seems that multi-channel technology is getting better every day, what else should I look at? I know I'm going to spend $5K or more, but $10K and more is really pushing it (although "accessories" like power management and cables may take me close to $8k or $9k).

I'm still playing with a final budget, but, after looking around, I don't believe I can afford McIntosh, and it doesn't seem to be a good sonic match anyway. I want better than Onkyo ... in a simple to operate, but moderately kickass package (HT processor and amp), (TV too) the DVD / SACD can wait. Any thoughts beyond the suggestions from my good friend [email protected] are welcome - how do I drive these classic speakers well without selling my firstborn to pay for it, or being disappointed with the quality?
Bryston SP 2.0 or 1.7 and two amps, Adcom 7805 and a two channel one. 7 channel amps are expensive and heavy. I know you do not want to got that route but if you have a 12 volt trigger it is going to be just as easy to operate as one amp would be. I would not limit my choice in amps based upon who has 7 channel amps. I think the Bryston Pre-smpa are sleepers and considerably better than what most people realize. No, I do not own one but have auditioned them extensively. Adcom is another sleeper. As a result, you can get these producta at better prices and still outperform most of the feild.
As a B&W owner who recently jumped up the power output to my front three, I can tell you MO POWER MO BETTER. Way more better too! I now have 400 watts going to my front three and it made an increadible difference in performace. My 9nt's carry so much more bass now. Its been totally worthwhile. Sounds like I moved up the food chain to new speakers!

Having said that, I'd look at Bryston's 6B SST at 300 watts per channel - three channel amp. Pair that to their 9B SST ordered with 4 channels for the rears or their HT875 8 channel amp and brige that down to 250 watts x 4 for the rears. Another is Anthem Statment products for 300 watts all around (a 2&5 channel amps). Any combination that will give your fronts a whole lot of power will work. I like 3 channels of very high power as the center needs it for in H/T as much as the other front two. Those rears can suffice with a little less anyway, they don't have to do much work.

As pointed out, triggers or auto on in most of these amps eliminate any hassle.

Bryston processor are terrific but no video switching at all except standalone and thats a bit dated now. Anthem AVM-50 or Statment D-2 will offer a high degree of flexibility for any H/T system AND state-of-the-art video processing for everything hooked up to it with just one cable going to your display. Certainly worth a look.

Save money for a controller for all this gear, btw. One remote for everything! Universal Remote Control makes a MX900 that you can set up yourself without too much trouble, actually easy once you get used to it. Then, anyone will just have to push a few straight forward buttons and be in control.

2 cents worth

I would look at the Integra Research RDC 7.1 Prepro and the Gemstone 7 channel amp. These are well within your budget. I own an RDC 7.1 and really like it. There is good potential for affordable upgrades in the future for the emerging high resolution surround sound audio formats, plus it already has DLPIIx to support 7.1 listening.

As an aside, neither of the Krell PrePros, Showcase or HTS 7.1, offer DPLIIx. They do offer DPLII, but that only supports 5.1.

I own a Sherbourn 7/2100 power amp, which performs very well. I mention the Gemstone because many at www.avs.forum.com seem to prefer it.

Good luck,