6X9 Car Speakers

I need recommendations for rear deck speakers. '99 Grand Prix
2 door if it makes any difference. I've always owned Infinity
Kappa's for years but the last pair I purchased were Chinese
junk. I'm glad I didn't pay much-shoulda' been my first clue.
So here is the question; which speakers are the heir apparent
to the Kappa's. I know someone must be building a similar
product. I have 150 WPC to drive them so lets hear some good
recommendations. Thanks in advance, Steve P.S. I'm not dissing
all Chinese products-I love my Little Dot.
Regardless of brand or price, I've found that 6x9's, or any oval driver, never sound as good as a quality 5 or 6"(round) component driver.
Any reputable car audio shop will modify the rear deck to accomodate round drivers(for a fee).
I've spent several thousand on my car system and though it's significantly better than stock, it's still a far cry from even a modest home system.
Rear speakers in a car are the same as rear speakers at home. They should only be used to fill in the sound, and NOT to be used as your main source of sound. I would not bother spending money on the rear speakers. In fact, in my car, I disconnected them. Spend money on a good pair of splits for the front instead.

Mr_man is 100% right. 6x9's never sound as good as a quality component driver.

My car system is no slouch either, Dynaudio's in front with a Butler TDB475 amp and a Pioneer P9 head unit with outboard DAC. My home system is an order of magnitude better.
Keep 'em coming-I'm learning something here. Thanks, Steve

You have a couple of options:

1. go shop and listen and get the 6x9 that sounds the best (Polk and Kicker comes to mind)

2. a good installer can make a wood plate to affix a round speaker (5.25, 6 or 6.5 inch and a tweeter). Depending on your rear deck and the size of the drivers and tweeter and how they are installed, they can either bottom mount or top mount the fabricated plate speaker. I have seen installers fabricate the plate using mdf. They paint it to match the interior if it is a top mount job. They make a cover and use fabric to also match your interior. Bottom mount looks cleaner, but sometimes the trunk lid mechanism and/or how the bottom of panel is shaped gets in the way.
Madisound sells auto speakers from Peerless etc. that will fit this need.

If you need more bass. You may then consider having a sub installed. But, this will require an amp, x-over, and gets more complicated.

It all depends on how far you want to go. The above posts are correct, nothing can match a good home stereo. However, if you spend lots of time in the car - being happy with your auto sound is a good thing.
Too bad Baab isn't around anymore. They had a nice aluminum cone full range 6X9. What others said about rear fill was good. Just get a full range 6X9 w/o a tweeter or get some cheap 6X9's and rip out the crappy tweeter and cap they use as an x-over. And that 150WPC amp is that "car stereo watts"* or real FTC watts from 20-20K @X ohms and X% THD? Or as Zappa said is that Mexican Poncho or a Sears poncho? Good luck!


Most car stereo amps just make a wattage claim of X watts @X ohms which may be just @1K not across the full bandwidth and usually don't include a distortion figure with the claim.
Bought the Focal 690 CVX's and am very happy with them. Thanks
for all the help. Will follow your lead and get the component
set for the front when $ allows. Steve