6SN7 Plate Voltage

Anyone know the spec for the max. plate voltage for a 6SN7 (Tung-sol 6SN7GTB)
it's 450v
Yes, 450 is correct
Yes, 450 volt maximum and 5.0 watts per section (6SN7GTA/GTB).

For future reference....

6SN7GT/WGT/WGTA - 300 volt maximum and 3.5 watts per section

5692/6SN7 - 275 volt maximum and 1.75 watts per section.
Sugarbrie -

Actually the 275 rating only applies to 5692 I think - I've never seen a 6SN7 without GT or something (W, A, etc.) on the tube. GT really just specs' the bottle shape so all 6SN7s are GT's in general. (e.g. T-9 Envelope, octal base). Also I think WGTA = GTA = 450V...

not sure as I have never pushed them that hard... and not to be nitpicky, but everything on the net lives for ever... so, accuracy is the goal.

(who has way too many 6SN7GT's and needs to unload some soon).
Ed, that is what I am saying. I only put the 6SN7 after the 5692 to denote it as a "6SN7 type" of tube. I did not mean to say there are 275 volt tubes that say 6SN7 on them. Yes there are only 275 volt 5692's...Sorry for any confusion.

I think you are right that the WGTA should be 450 volt. The W denotes a military version of the GTA (and WGT is a 300 volt military GT). My mistake.