6SN7 equivalent's, help need it

Guys, I found NOS 6CC1 Tesla's and they look just like any general 6SN7 tube, but need to be sure if they can be used as DIRECT replacement of 6SN7 type.
Also look for data sheet of them, cant find a single thing so far.

I don't think that a 6CC1 is a 6SN7 sub. Excersize caution, a lot of tubes look like 6SN7s, so don't let the bottle and a double triode plate structure convince you. Amongst other things the pinout may not be correct and you could do a number on your amp not just fry the tube.
I never heard of the 6CC1 tube in general nor as a replacement/substitute/equivalent for a 6SN7. THe replacements I know can be viewed at the web site below. You probably should consult a reputable tube retailer.

I am not going to put them in my amp before I am 100% sure of it. These tubes are the rarest I came across, same as Telefunkens 6SN7 for example.
So far, got the info from 2 places where folks are think/tell it can be used, but to me, only data sheet can tell.

Another interesting note. Spoke to some pro and he think he owns a pair of the same kind, but only RFT branded, but he is not sure yet, will keep in touch with him to see if anything comes up.

What do you think guys, if I am going to test them like 6SN7 type, can this cause the problems, for tube or for an tester?

There is a great program for tube substitutions called Duncan's Amp Tools. It's a free download. Do a search. You should be able to find it without too much trouble. The program shows you all the variants to each tube type. Very helpful.

Thanks, indeed, very helpful. Unfortunately, they do not have anything about this kind, at least when I use their tube data.

I have compiled a partial list of 6SN7 subs. Note not all are exactly electrically equivalent.
CV181, 1988 (= GTY) ...GT. Britain
ECC32, 33..............GT. Britain
33S30A, 33S30B ........Swedish Mil Spec
6N8S, 6H8C, 1587.......USSR

Thanks for update, all these are known by me and I am aware of the differences, but again, thanks!

I was talking to some guy from Czech Rep and he told me that 6CC10 probably 6CC1, but Czech's didnt use the same full code. On the other hand, still didnt found anyone who owns an data sheet, but the pin connections are the same as 6SN7 type.

You have probably already discovered that 6CC1 is an erroneous marking of the first series of 6CC10, and the tubes are identical. A data sheet cannot exist, because the error was discovered before data were made public. 6CC10 has been developed as an equivalent to 6SN7GT and used interchangeably. The Russian 6H8C (cyrillic), 6N8S (latin) is another proved equivalent. Regarding sound quality, I can offer no opinion. The tubes were made for telecom and TV.
This seems redundant with what has been said. It is from head-fi.org. "Originally Posted by kiertijai

Here is the description of that Tesla 6SN7 or 6CC110 (google translate from Japanese to English)
unused 6CC10 of TESLA still have not seen at auction overseas, is an exhibition of the same Rottopea. TESLA is the age between 1940-50, there was a vacuum tube system compatible with two types of 6SN7. 6CC1 is a compatible product before and after 1950, until the end stage is 6CC10 from mid-1950s, is almost the same structurally.
The official name of this tube is 6CC10, was manufactured in the plant is the main factory ROZNOV of TESLA. No. 6CC10 is still called, is present in the vacuum tube system Number of Russian-made 6SN7, 6CC10 now is almost the same as 6N8S (6H8C) of so-called Eastern Europe Part structurally. Contents of this tube, and they are quite different, is a super super scarce goods deserve to be called a prototype of the structure of the original 6CC1 or 6CC10 this TESLA. The structure of this pre-tube has been very very similar to 5692, represented by the RCA, this support of five thick rod support spring spacers suppress the vibration plate with a small rib of length 25mm, at the top of mica, the mica sheets 3, It has characteristics such as the square getter in the top two. Vacuum tube with a similar structure that are essentially two types of 33S30B 5692, SWEDEN of RCA, of ERICSSON, or imitation or by chance, camp three major Western Europe, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe 1950 to the same vacuum tube system 6SN7 same concept happens to will be had to. Moreover, these three species has been manufacturing equipment for the military only as a radar tube and all. It was built is 5692 for RCA is 1951 By the way, because is the midst of the Cold War, there was a technology licensing from RCA were not considered to flow into Eastern Europe is 33S30B of ERICSSON of SWEDEN has received technical assistance of RCA probably I think that would be more natural to think of Te have been copied. This pair is old-fashioned look, the print has a half-moon-shaped country of MADE IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA under the print than all your left firmly, TESLA, that 6CC1. Is illegible, but apparently there is a production lot number on the opposite side of the glass. AT1000 vacuum tube as measured by the latest digital measuring instrument, of Amplitrex, the plate voltage is 250V, = 9.0mA expected value Em, = 2.6mA expected value of Gm for (2600mmhos), each pole, Em = 9.6mA 6 #, numeric value greater than the expected value also say Em = 9.6mA, and Gm = 3.4mA each pole, Em = 9.4mA, and Gm = 3.0mA, Em = 11.5mA, Gm = 3.4mA, and the # 8 Gm = 3.2mA, Because to achieve, we have determined that an unused item. 0.0μA leakage poles, gas is # 6 = 0.2-0.2mA, is 8 = 0.4-0.4mA #, 10mA are significantly below the allowable value of the approximate gas tube GT. Bulk goods for military use."