6ohm speakers to 8ohm amp?

I have 6ohm Living Voice Avatar II speakers and am hooking them up to a Marantz 8B amp. The amp has 3 inputs 4/8/16 ohms. Which is most appropriate to hook up to these speakers?
Use the 4 ohm tap.

The 6 ohm speaker rating is a nominal number, which means it will drop below that somewhere in the frequency range. Your amp has an easier time running against a higher impedance, and using the 4 ohm tap will make it see the speaker at a higher impedance.

Thanks, Pauly.
Hi Lilavine, I would recommend trying both and see what sounds best. I have found that most 6 ohm rated speakers sound their best on the 8 ohm tap but there really is no rule of thumb here. Experiment and decide for yourself.