6ohm speaker on a 15w 8ohm 6v6 integrated amp


Would it be ok to connect speakers that are spec'd as 6ohm to an tube amp that is rated at 15w and designed for 8ohm speakers?

What is the name of the integrated amp?

I would look and see if the amp specifications has additional information.
Here are the specs,

Effective output power:15W in class A
Input sensitivity/Impedance:2V/100KΩ
Frequency Response:20 - 20,000Hz
Power Consumption:80 W

Thank you!
You would have to make sure that any speakers you might get never go below 4 ohms throughout their entire frequncy range. The higher the speaker impedance throughout its range, the better. This is why I often recommend going with the following speakers that meet this criteria and are also excellent sounding:

Coincident Technology Triumph Extreme's and using the Coincident passive sub-woofers as their speaker stands. This makes a great full-range monitor speaker.

Coincident also makes tower speakers that are similarly very easy to drive and are outstanding performers.

Mr. Israel Blume, the designer and owner of Coincident Technologies could make some excellent recommendations and is great to talk to.

With Vaughn speakers one buys direct, giving you very good bang for the buck. The top of the line Cabernet's are excellent speakers and very easy to drive.

Devore also makes very good easy to drive speakers.

Fritz speakers makes some excellent transducers, is easy to talk to, and since he sells direct you get some hellaciously good deals. Again, he could be very useful in guiding you through this path.

Of course, there are many others, but the above make a very compelling starting part--if not a great end point.


The amp is a new Shindo Apetite.

I will look into your suggestions. Thanks so much.
Here's what I did. I own the Shindo Aurieges MM and the Shindo 6V6 15wt Montille. I use them with Altec Model 19's with excellent results. My room is 20'X 28' and I never get the volume past 10 with CD and 11 with vinyl. Shindo builds his speakers with modded Altec drivers and his own cabinets to match his electronics. Just a thought.