6N3C Russian Tubes

I received a pair of Russian 6N3C(9201) (Russian eq=6L6G) tubes that appear to be NOS - pins are shiny, and gettering appears new. They are not what I ordered, but it's not worth the expense of returning them to Bulgaria. Does anyone use these tubes, and if so in what application?

Hmmm...apparently not. I am the proud owner of two Russian Dodo bird eggs.
There are aplications for the 5881/6L6 but usually 4 are needed.

There is a guy from the UK on ebay selling them ( 6NC3 ) but he has like 100 of them :( So I don't think you have much of a chance selling them.

I tried many different 5881 tubes in my BAT VK5i when I had one. You might get lucky and find someone that has the BAT and is a crazy tube roller. As I recall the Russian NOS is slighty smoother than the new 5881 Sovtek, but has better bass than the new 5881 tubes on the market.

Thanks, 88.

Trash day is Monday around here...

If anyone has a use for these tubes, you can have them for the cost of shipping.

If you going to throw them away I will take them. Send me a e-mail and I will make arrangments. I can kick in a few extra bucks. I will add them to my collection. Who knows? maybe I will come across 2 more somewhere.