6N3C-E Tube

Has anyone tried these? I see them plastered all over ebay advertised as a 5881/6L6GC equivalent. They appear to be identical in construction to the 5881 Sovtek current production. Just curious to know if they are one and the same as the current Sovtek

The 6N3C-E is roughly similar to the 6L6G/GA/GB.

It is not equivalent to a 6L6GC and shouldn't be used in circuits designed for the "GC" without first consulting with the amp's designer. Some amps may simply wear these tubes out relatively quickly, other amps could be damaged.

In appropriate amps such as my Ideal Innovations Custom 30 monoblocks, the 6N3C-E is a great sounding tube.
Hey thanks for the response! But ummmm that bids me asking another question, or making a comment. I did manage the get hold of one person that sells current Sovtek 5881/6L6GC/WGC and asked him if his tubes were of the same construction as the 6N3C-3. His was reply was " yes they are the exact same construction, but ours are guaranteed and tested "

So how does Sovtek or their dealers get off claiming these are a 6L6GC equivalent?

My reason for the question was because I wanted to try some and I would just as soon get them here tested properly. So I think i will go for it!