6N1P near equivalent 6922/6dj8

Anyone know anything about these tubes? How near to a 6922/6dj8 are they? Will they work in my VK3i? preamp? Will check with BAT on Monday, but wanted some feedback now if possible.
Negative on that one...Not an equivalent tube.
Check over on www.audioasylum.com in the "tubes" section. This has been covered in some detail over there--you'll need to do a "search". Basically, it is not a direct sub--it will work in some cases, but not in others. The direct Russian sub for 6dj8/6922 is 6H23n. I can't tell you whether they will work in BAT equipment--but it may be on the audioasylum site. Good luck.
This question was posted on the Audio Asylum and Victor himself said no.

Thanks all. I did think to check in the Asylum after posting and got the same results. Too bad, there's someone selling them on ebay for $9.99 per lot of 10!
I had a Blue Circle BC3 that used them and experienced no problems.