6L6 tube recommendations requested

anyone have experience suggesting which of the
the 6L6 current production tubes may sound better than others? My amp (Baron) requires 12, so expensive NOS not really feasable. the amp sounds best with Siemens EL34's, imo, but the Mesa folks say that I would have far fewer problems with 6L6's, due to lower operating voltage, apparently. Originally used 5881's (from Mesa), which have some good qualities, but not equal to EL34's, in that amp. recommendations appreciated.

I've rolled quite a few types of pwr tubes, both NOS and new production, in my Cary SLI-80 integrated this past year. While not my absolute favorite new production tube (that goes to the Shuguang Black Treasure 6CA7, but 12 of those would be big $$), I was VERY impressed with the Tung Sol reissue 6l6G (big bottle). I got mine from Ron at Cryoset.com--no relationship here, just a satisfied customer. I found these reissue tubes to be very good, especially given their relatively low cost. Heartily recommend you give them a try.

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(http://www.upscaleaudio.com/SED-quotWinged-Cquot-6L6GC_p_65.html) OR (http://www.upscaleaudio.com/SED-Winged-C-EL-34_p_63.html) For a warmer presentation; Kevin offers the Genelex Gold Lion reproductions, which are also a reliable tube. Check out his testing, grading, burn-in procedures and warranty. I've purchased numerous tubes from him, over the years, without a failure(or any other disappointment).
Got two matched quads of re-issue/recreate (Russian) Tung-Sols from Jim McShane for my ARC D-90b. Very happy with them - not outrageously expensive . Daily use amp - so these have picked up about 500 hours in a relatively short time - still stable and sound wonderful.
Shuguang/Valve Art KT66 are the best sounding 6L6 replacements I've found/heard - and not terribly expensive.