~$6K mini-monitor recommendations?

Looking to upgrade my LS50. It is for a workstation using desk stands so looking for something small for nearfield. I also want to switch to something sealed or front-ported due to limited back wall distance. Right now I’m considering the 805 D3 and Raidho X1, I’ve heard both and like the X1 sound more but 805 has much higher WAF. Maybe stretch to Magico A1 but never heard any Magico. Harbeth 30.1 is on my shortlist as well. I don't need much bass extension, mainly care about mids/highs. Anyone else have suggestions? Thank you.
Legacy Calibre: I've not heard a monitor with this kind of dynamics.
The AMT tweeter is sweet and very extended, the B&C 7" midrange is
smooth and powerful. It's the best speaker I've ever owned-

If you can find them, give the Ryan S610 a listen: They are truly stunning and well within the budget
Alta FRM2. There's a pair for sale on us audio mart. RAAL ribbon tweeters. You will not be disappointed.

ATC active would be my other recommendation, but understand those will not be very forgiving. Event Opal are also great actives. At $6k I'd go for actives tbh.
Tom Danley finally makes a speaker for the home.  $3200 for a pair.  $2280 if you want the sub.