$6k ish amp/preamp budget

Warning neophyte onboard.
I'll be powering a pair of Infinite Slope Model 2 speakers. I don't know much but I've always loved the McIntosh tube sound.  I'm open to Solid State that has similar sound stage because I've heard tube amps can be high maintenance. Any suggestions in the $6k range? (that's for both not each).  DAC not required. 
you need to choose an amp that can drive your speakers

are they

1. cone type (what is the impedance?),

2.  magneplanars (simple 4 ohm load at all freq.s - need good current delivery; low efficiency so need more power than many others),

3. horns (most efficient),

4. or electrostatics (most difficult)

you then choose a pre-amp that can interface with the amp (usually not difficult); that has the control functionality you want and sounds good

I usually use a SS amp and a tube pre.
Thanks randy-11

I was thinking Tube pre and SS amp so good to have that validated. 

"JSEs used Richard Mondafieri (sp?) of Macintosh fame's infinite slope crossovers, which give something close to 100db/octave roll offs." - NAT

5 poly drivers.
Two 12" woofers, the midrange is 6", (says 8 OMH on the magnet) One tweeter is a 2" MB quart soft dome, the other tweeter is 1" soft dome.  

I have sent an email to Source Loudspeakers. Their chief designer, John Sollecito created the JSE Infinite Slopes back in the 80s. Hopefully he'll have some info to offer.