$6k, Big screen TV or projector??

Hi all, What would y'all do if having a dedicated HT? Big screen TV or projector for $6k? Also please recommend some brand and model along. Thanks
Some negatives with a projector are: 1) They generate a fair amount of heat 2) You have to buy a new lamp 300-500 every 2000 hours or so. 3) The fan of the projector can be a little noisy. Some positives are: 1) You can move it around the house or take it on vacation you 2) can hook your computer up to it, 3) Very HIGH WAF.
First ask yourself honestly. I'm I truly doing HOME THEATER or just surround sound with a large screen? If HT then do a video projector. I read a previous reply. He's talking about a LCD projector. Quite honestly, they suck. If you want to do it right the first time get a CRT projector. They have greater picture quility than a LCD. They do however require more to set-up, you can't just plug it in and party. You might be able to find one on ebay or audiogon fairly resonably priced. Be sure to get one that can at least use a doubler if not even HDTV. You might pay a bit more than 6k but you'll be a lot happier. If it comes down to it wait a little longer to save more money. Look for the Dwin HP500(NO FAN, EASIER SUT-UP)or the Zenith 900proX. Both of these can do HDTV. You would want to have a professional set these up though. LCD's are nice for plug and play but just don't cut the mustard when it comes to actual picture quality. Do it RIGHT the first time and you'll never regret it. TRULY HIGH WOW FACTOR!!!!!!
I agree that you need to ask yourself how "dedicated" you HT will be. Unless you're truly talking about a system and room that will be used exclusively for sitting in the dark watching movies, I'd go for an RPTV. Sony, Mitsubishi and Pioneer all make drop-dead gorgeous sets that easily fit your $6K target. Depending on how big a screen you want, you might even save a few bucks off that budget. I'd get an HDTV-ready system, I'd probably get the 16:9 screen. But with a RPTV, you can use the system for more than just watching movies - I use mine all the time for a basketball game on the screen, a favorite CD over the sound system, a cold beer in my hand, and a bit of isolation from the outside world.
I think the points of one's true interest are significant. However, some pragmatism is involved. No question that the projectors need virtually total darkness. Now here are my questions. I know that an RP can be ok with ambient light. Just how much ambient light is acceptable; when is it unwatchable; and how does it vary with different ambient light sources?
What, do only woman visit this site? Listen girls, I don't know how much experience you all have with front projection systems but, I have a lot. Yes, they are light sensitive but, if you can CONTROL inside and outside light, you can do front projection easily. What do I mean? How about curtains over windows? What a concept. How about placing lighting fixtures so the don't shine directly onto the screen. Then you won't have a washed out picture. I've owned video projectors for over ten years and can watch them with the lights all the way up! CONTROLLED LIGHTING! That's the key to success with these. Perhaps front projection is a little bit out of your league and a bad idea on my part for suggesting it. For that, I apologies. When you've eliminated the possibility of doing front projection then do the next best thing, rear proj. Except for the comment "exclusively for sitting in the dark watching movies" Kthomas is dead on. Although there is a lot of debate over which aspect ratio to go with. Personal preferances and long term uses dictate this. It is still prefered, although not as critical, to control lighting. Do you see a pattern? Don't let light from an open window shine directly onto your screen. Same with inside lights. You will probably be very happy with a big screen for years to come. Enjoy. By the way...I DO THIS FOR A LIVING!
Jefgeorge, Your negative comments concerning "women" visiting this site is quite offensive. I take it that your response are to my questions. I take what you say as an unacceptable attack. Wake up... The folks on this site are, for the most part, really audiophiles. I am, and I am a heterosexual male. Most questions were sincere. I'm sure your bashing was rather sincere too. Did you know that Audiogon doesn't tolerate such childness?
Yo,sfbaydude I think the comments by jefgeorge were generic humor-CHILL.If ladies want to visit this sight they got to be treated as equals. Here; we BASH everybody.(It seems). Now back to TOAN. This month's T P V has several good articles.With 6 grand as a budget,I'de stay with rear proj. for HDTV./and vidio converter.DLP's are sneeking up/not there yet. Take the screen protector off besides the glare they alter the colors.Then room light is less of an issue.
There are two new progressive scan 16 X 9 Sony Hi def. rear projection TV's coming out at $5000 list. Check out etown.com for a look at the CEDIA new products. My 40" Toshiba widescreen has served me well for movies and television viewing in my 12 X 20 living room. I would prefer a front projector, but the rear is a bit more practicle in a room used for so many different purposes.