6H30 tubes ringing in BAT VK-300SE

I have had this issue in nearly every 6H30 tube I have bought for my BAT VK-300xSE integrated. Whenever I switch inputs, or the unit comes out of warm-up mode, or out of mute, I get a high pitched ping followed by a ringing sound out of the speakers.

I have tried 3 different sets of tubes- two pairs of Electro Harmonix gold pins, and one set of Sovteks. Eventually it gets to the point where if I tap on the chassis of the BAT, I get the high pitched ping/ringing out of the speakers. The last new set of EH's I bought, when I pulled them out of the box brand new, and tapped on the side of them with my finger, bingo- it audibly rings in my hand!

It doesn't seem to affect the sound, but none the less, are there any good sources for QUALITY 6H30 tubes? I am not going to pay $300-$400 for a pair of the "New old Stock" DR tubes. I have bought all of the Sovteks and EH's from Music Direct. Maybe they got a whole batch of bad ones?

Please Help!!!
Not sure if you have tried anything, but maybe something like this might help ?

Suggest you e-mail Victor at BAT and see what he thinks of your situation.
Hi, "DR" NOS don't have to cost over $300, although of course they're never cheap. I bought mine here:
(Mattijs is the man behind Pink Faun and extremely reliable)

Sorry if this looks like a dumb question: are you sure the tubes themselves are the culprit?

Good luck
I am assuming it is the tubes, because if I tap on them even when they are not in the amp, they ring.

I do already use Herbie's tube dampers.

I have actually asked Victor at BAT about this, and he did not really have an answer at the time, other than for me to send it in to them to take a look at it. I would rather not send it in, as I think it is the tubes and not the unit, which if that is the case would be a waste of time and money.
i have a pair of raytheon 5814wa that ring when i tap on the preamp or even the stand. i use herbies and they still do it. the tubes sound great and vibration from the speakers don't seem to effect the sound. people tell me just don't tap on the preamp and that there are some great sounding tubes that do it.
This happens to me with my vk-32se. Not sure if it is the tubes but frankly it seems to only happen when cold and is never audible when listening. I wouldn't let it bother you.
This dovetails on the information that Rello gave you.

I do not believe rolling your tubes will be a solution for you.

My VK 32SE preamp also pings/clicks, only when the volume is at 0 and turned it up from there. I do not have the right words to describe technically what is going on. But it has something to do with the current being released into the output stages causing a small vibration within the chassis. The mount that holds the tube within the chassis is not well damped so the tube picks up the vibration thus you hear the click of the output stage engaging followed by a small ping from the tube vibrating. This could also be going on with your 300SE integrated. Though it is a solid state, the preamp stage on it is based on the VK-30 tube series designs.

On my VK 32se This ping is only heard when you turn the volume up from zero. Never heard anything when I am up and rocking. My dealer suggested I could try using a tube damper to alleviate the problem. I do not know if its worth the time and trouble. So I have not done it. If it bothers you though, I would suggest you approach your BAT dealer and discuss it with them. Or contact Victor at BAT directly.

In my system I have just decided to live with it. Their is no affect to the sound quality or enjoyment of the unit. I just consider it a part of the turn on characteristics of the preamp. Just as like the little pops you hear when an amp powers up.

You will want to look into re tubing though if you hear a snap, crackle,, and popping or as you play music. That does mean the tube are tired and do need replacing.
Some tubes sellers will test for microphonics, and that is what you are describing - microphonic tubes, something I have always insisted on for critical phono stage tubes. Have you approached it from that POV. It is not typically provided gratis with a purchase. I've never used 6h30's but I can see no reason why this service would not be available.

Walkertm: My 51SE behaves like your BAT pre. I think this is a "undocumented feature" of either the preamp or just the tube, doesn't effect sound qaulity, and I've never worried about it in the 10 yrs I've owned my 50SE now 51SE...

My guess is the mute relay is close enough that when the relay engages/disengages that mechanical process jiggles the tubes just enough for the pinging sound.

You don't have anything to worry about in my opinion. Save your money on tube rolling and just enjoy that BAT sound, you have a killer integrated amp !
That's just a microphony, which is inherent to many types of tubes, and there is little you can do about it, no should you. It doesn't affect the sound, and only happens, when the tube is mechanically "disturbed", when you switch inputs, for instance. This is not a problem, "part of the package".
Thanks for all of the responses. Good information here. Seems like I have confirmation on what I was suspecting- it is a tube issue, but live with it as it does not seem to affect the sound. I was more concerned with getting feedback from other BAT owners that it is NOT a problem with my integrated.

I do very much enjoy the BAT sound. I guess that it is just more of an annoyance than anything else.
Thanks JFresh hadn't plan on rolling tubes but did consider investing in tube dampers. However was hesitant since I did feel it would be a waist of money. My dealer also warned me that this is a quirk of BAT Pres it is nice to hear that this is normal part of owning BAT gear. Which in my IMHO makes some of the most relaxed and natural sounding preamps out there.