6h30 tube

Hi All,
I am due to replace 6h30 tube on my 75SE Bat amp.Presently I am using
6h30 EB tube.Would it improve the sound any,if at all if I went with 6h30-DR
which is several times the price of original tube?
I thank all of you in advance for your input.
I'd give 6n6p tube a try. I use them in my BAT preamp with excellent result.
They made a difference when I tried them in a CJ Act pre, they were worth the money to me.
This subject has been addressed several times in the archives. IME, NOS DR sounds better in VK75SE, but after 1200 hrs. an aged DR is surpassed by a fresh EH or Sovtek. There are relatively simple & inexpensive mods that can be done inside chassis to greater effect than DR tubes.
The 6h30 dr's seem to have a bigger impact(improvement)when used in preamps as oppose to amps. Personally,they were a big improvement in my LS-25 mkII as well as my friend's LS-26. They have a life expectancy of 10,000 hrs.
I had the exact opposite experience as Dgarretson. My 5yr. old Bat 6h30dr's sounded much better than a brand new pair of EH 6h30pi goldpins.
The only way you'll know for sure is to try them yourself in your system but at the price they're going for now, it is an expensive endeavor.
The NOS 6H30DR tube has been discussed at some length, but different people come to different conclusions. Some find no difference, some find a slight but insignificant difference, and some find a very important difference. So system and personal preference prevail.

Doesn't the VK75SE take only a single pair of these? I would recommend you give them a shot. I would also recommend the EAT Tube Dampers, regardless of which 6H30 tube you pick. Although the 6H30 is not terribly microphonic, microphonics are never a good thing.
I am with dgarretson here and Eee3. I ran VK75SE and then VK150SE's for about 6 years. It's a great amp(s). Had the same experience as dgarretson I suspect this is also system dependent. However my bat vk51se preamp liked the dr's more so than the amps..even the older dr's. Newer EH 6h30s did have more dynamics.

The EH6h30's are a great deal...maybe try a pair of matched (sections and tubes !) in your amps. If you want want spring for the dr's...
Agree with Gigi. I used 6n6p tubes in my Droplet Cd player and found them much more musical than the 6h30. Give them a try!