6H30-"Super Tube" or "Stuper Tube" ???

Ok.I see that many companies like Audio Research,BAT,Cary et la. are touting the 6H30 tube over 6922.What makes it different?What were the difficiencies of 6922?If it it is a better do you need a different circut design to use or can you swap?BAT VK5SE is touted as being a reasonably priced way to get this tube.Any others if it is indeed a holy grail?
Bat is using it in a number of their designs. I do know you need a different circuit, sorry, I can't give you any detail. In the Bat equipment, the step up from 6922 to 6h30 designs seems to give you much more quietness, more detail, just more.
I've been impressed with BAT's implementation of the 6H30, to the point where I own both the VKD5SE CD player and the VK50SE preamp. I was an Audio Research owner for many years prior. I cannot comment on the ARC 6H30 products, as I have not had the pleasure of trying them in my system.
I can say that I'm happy enough to not actively seek new equipment!


No you can't swap out the 6H30 for the 6922, the super tube
requires higher operating voltages.

The ARC version is different from BAT's
Whats the difference....Hotcorocket???